How to increase the number of YouTube subscribers

Even if you have objectively high-quality content, just publishing it is not enough. In order to succeed, the YouTube channel must be continuously optimized in accordance with the chosen promotion strategy. Nina Gorbunova, a VSDC marketer, talks about how to refine the channel to attract more subscribers.

On our channel, we publish short video tutorials on how to use our program. The approach to filling the channel began to gradually change in September 2018, as they saw that the increase in views was weakly correlated with the growth of subscribers.

The recommendations described in this article helped to increase the number of subscribers on the channel from a couple of hundred to more than 10 thousand in 13 months. The total number of video views per month increased from 47,115 in October 2018 to 111,889 in October 2019 (i.e., about 2.4 times). And all this was possible to do without incredible effort and financial investment. — buy 1000 youtube subscribers for free

Where do subscribers come from?

Marketers use the term «funnel» when it comes to, say, the ratio of the number of people who saw an advertisement and the number of people who eventually bought a product. With subscribers almost the same story. Imagine that in one way or another, your video came into the view of 100 people. As a result, 80 people will want to see it, 60 will be watched until the end, and only 30 will subscribe to the channel. Best case scenario.

To be in the ranks of subscribers, you need to not only find one of your videos, but also watch it, and later decide to subscribe and remember to do it. At each of these steps, a considerable percentage of people fall out of the funnel. And this is normal.

Many beginner video bloggers believe that their main goal in promotion is to make the maximum number of people watch their video. In fact, a much more important and difficult task is to maintain the interest of the viewer in subsequent stages.

Headings: less creative, more specific

The title is one of the factors influencing search engine results, so let relevance become your middle name. You must speak the same language as your audience. From time to time, you will want to add creativity to the title text, but you have to hold back. At this stage, success is determined by the accuracy of the wording, as well as the coincidence with the keywords that your potential viewers use when searching for a video.

A simple example: a video entitled “What to cook for dinner” has a better chance of being served than a video titled “How to Feed Your Family”, even though the content may be the same. The reason is that the first formulation is used much more often than the second.

If you are not sure which topic to choose and which phrases to use, you can turn to the free Google Trends or Yandex. Wordstat. »

It is believed that the description of the video on the issuance has practically no effect, and therefore some bloggers ignore this field. Let’s see why a boring description can cost you a lot of views.

Type “what to cook for dinner” in the YouTube search bar, and you’ll see an almost endless list of videos on the same topic with slight variations. Most likely, your video will not be the only one either. In such a situation, the description is the ability to distinguish a video from a dozen similar ones. Please note that the first line of description is visible almost immediately under the heading. Consider this an additional ad slot. Use it to tell why your material is worth a look.